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Renewal Oracle 1Z0-329 - An Overview 1 to 10

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Q1. While promoting an employee in the system, it is required that the HR specialist be able to see the name of the next three jobs the employee can progress to in the list of values against the Job field. 

Which setup meets this requirement? 

A. Descriptive flex fields must be defined to hold Progression Job Information. 

B. Create an appropriate job set 

C. Benchmark all the jobs in the system. 

D. Job Evaluation criteria must be set up during job creation. 

E. Progression Job Information must be defined during job creation. 


Q2. As a human resource executive, you create a new location in the system. After several days, while creating an employee record in the system, you are unable to see this location in the list of values for Location on the Assignment tab. Identify two reasons for this. (Choose two.) 

A. Effective Start Date of the location was not given when the location was created. 

B. The created location has been end-dated. 

C. The location was not associated with any set. 

D. The location was made inactive 

Answer: C,D 

28. Which three options are true about Oracle Workforce Predictions? (Choose three.) 

A. Performance predictions are available for both teams and individual assignments. 

B. Contingent Worker and Nonworker work relationships are included. 

C. It predicts individual voluntary termination and performance. 

D. It predicts team voluntary termination and performance. 

E. It predicts team/individual involuntary termination and performance. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q3. An employee's job description is "Recruiter" as of 01-Jan-2015. This job was updated in the system to "Consultant" on 01-Feb-2015. The 01-Feb-2015 assignment record is the latest effective dated employment record in the system. On 01-Mar-2015, the HR specialist wants to view this employee's previous employment details and searches for them on the Person Management page. The HR specialist enters the effective as-of date value as 31-Jan-2015 with the search keyword "Recruiter because the employee was working as a recruiter on 31st Jan 2015. The search returns no rows. 

What is causing this? 

A. The Person Management page search does not support date-effective keywords. 

B. The Update Person Search keyword process has failed on 31-Jan-2015 but ran successfully the next day. 

C. The Update Person Search Keyword process has associated the effective dates with the job attributes in the keyword record resulting in search discrepancies 

D. The Update Person Search Keyword process has updated the latest effective dated job attribute in the keyword record. 

E. The Person Management page search does not support Job attribute keywords 

F. The Update Person Search keyword process has failed on 01-Mar-2015 but ran successfully the previous day. 


Q4. As an HR manager in your organization, you want to categorize the hiring process as part-time hiring and full-time hiring. Identify the correct statement to meet this requirement. 

A. Create two new actions and new action reasons and associate them with each other. 

B. Create two new actions and associate them with the existing action type, Hire an Employee. 

C. Create two new action types and associate them with the existing action, Hire. 

D. Create two new action types: hire part time employee and hire full-time employee. 

E. Create two new actions" hire part-time employee and hire full-time employee 


Q5. A public holiday message is displayed on the gallerypagefor theGerman employees of the organization. 

Identify two reasons why the holiday message can also be viewed by some of the French employees on their portrait page. (Choose two.) 

A. The employees are terminated. 

B. The event message under the “Public Holiday” calendar event category is viewed by everybody. 

C. The French employees have their primary work schedule associated with the “Public Holiday” calendar event category. 

D. The French region is associated with the calendar event. 

E. The “Public Holiday” calendar event category controls the visibility of the calendar event massages. 

Answer: C,D 

Q6. While trying to create a Legal Entity you realize that the country list of value does not have the country you want. Identify why the country you want is not visible. 

A. The list of Countries on the Legal Entity comes from enabling the field through Page Composer. The component in the Page Composer was hidden at the Site level. 

B. The list of Countries on the Legal Entity comes from the list of defined Legal Jurisdictions. The missing country has not been identified as a Legal Jurisdiction. 

C. The list of Countries on the Legal Entity comes from enabling a descriptive flexfield that has not been deployed. 

D. The list of Countries on the Legal Entity comes from independent value set. The independent value set did not have the country as one of the values. 


Q7. An employee starts employment with her company in France next month. She was employed by the enterprise in the United States for several years, but resigned two years ago. Identify the correct statement about the person number for the employee. 

A. The employee's new person number will be her previous number suffixed by -1. 

B. The employee has a person record with the enterprise so she will continue with the same person number. 

C. The employee continues with her old person number if global sequence is used for person number. 

D. The employee gets a new person number for her employment in France if the legal employer sequence is used for person number. 


Q8. As a consultant in your company, you are required to set up names and details of schools, colleges, universities, and so on, so that users can select from this list when entering their qualifications such as degrees. 

Identify the correct setup task in Functional Setup Manager > Define Workforce Profiles 

A. Define Talent Profile Content > Manage Educational Establishments 

B. Define Talent Profile Content > Manage Profile Content Items 

C. Define Talent Profile Content > Manage Content Subscribers 

D. Define Talent Profiles > Manage Profile Types 


Q9. Identify the set enabled objects that are used for partitioning reference data 

A. legal entity, department, division, location 

B. jobs, grades, salary plan, rates 

C. enterprise, legal entity, business unit, position 

D. department, location, jobs, grades 


Q10. As an HR specialist in your company, you are responsible for setting up a Performance Rating model. You navigate to the Manage Ratings model and select the seeded Performance Rating Model. 

Which Oracle HCM Cloud product exclusively uses the Review Points tab? 

A. Talent Review 

B. Performance Management 

C. Compensation Management 

D. Goal Management 


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