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Your client’s organization is a multi-country organization with headquarters in the US. All employees are covered under one global compensation plan. However, the managers in each country want to administer compensation in their country’s respective currency. How would you enable this feature? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Set the preferred currency in the worksheet.
  • B. Enable Currency Switching.
  • C. Display the corporate currency.
  • D. Use fast formula to display the employee currency using conversion rates.

Answer: B

An administrator of a corporation needs to view a worker’s salary basis, change it, view the salary history, and do a graphical analysis of changes made to the salary. However, the administrator is not able to do these things.
Identify the three correct roles that will give the administrator access to complete the process. (Choose three.)

  • A. Line Manager
  • B. Compensation Manager
  • C. HR Specialist
  • D. Expenses Manager

Answer: ABC

Which item is false regarding plan access? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Compensation administrators have access to all plan configuration tasks for all plans.
  • B. Compensation managers have access to the budget sheet and worksheets for all plans and employee administration tasks.
  • C. A compensation administrator’s general access cannot be overridden.
  • D. A compensation administrator’s general access can be overridden using roles.

Answer: C

The compensation plan that is implemented for your customer has a column that defaults based on a dynamic column. However, as per the customer’s requirement, if the value in this column is manually updated in the worksheet by a manager, there should not be any further changes made to it automatically when the “Refresh Data” process is run. How can a compensation administrator achieve this? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. by setting up the properties of the column as updatable only once
  • B. by deselecting the Refresh Data triggering event in the dynamic column
  • C. by deselecting the Start Compensation Cycle triggering event in the dynamic column
  • D. by deselecting the Change Worksheet Data triggering event in the dynamic column

Answer: B

Your client wants you to create a single Compensation Change statement that includes compensation awarded for multiple plans. What would you, as an implementation consultant, advise your client? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Create a Compensation Statement Plan with cross-references to compensation awarded in each plan.
  • B. Create a custom data model that can pull compensation awarded from different plans and display the data using a BI publisher layout.
  • C. Create a separate Change statement template for this purpose and associate it with the Statement group for which this is required.
  • D. This is possible only in the on-premises model using customization and is not possible in an Saas instanc
  • E. Therefore, you would respond accordingly to the client.

Answer: C

A corporation has implemented Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation and set up an individual compensation plan with the following details.
1Z0-1049 dumps exhibit Name: Variable component
1Z0-1049 dumps exhibit Restrict plan access: Yes
1Z0-1049 dumps exhibit Action: Manage Contributions
1Z0-1049 dumps exhibit Access Level: New
1Z0-1049 dumps exhibit Allocations: Always Allow
1Z0-1049 dumps exhibit Update Allocations: Never Allow
1Z0-1049 dumps exhibit Discontinue Allocations: “Allowed during a specific period” with the period start and end dates configured.
Identify the correct option for the possible actions. (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. All Employees will be able to start the contribution anytime, update never, but discontinue during the period defined.
  • B. Only managers will be able to start the contribution anytime, update never, but discontinue during the period defined for any specific employee by using the manager dashboard.
  • C. The plan setup is always for HR to take actions and, therefore, only HR will be able to start the contribution anytime, update never, but discontinue during the period defined for any specific employee.
  • D. The contribution will be automatically added to all the employees in the payroll and HR can discontinue allocations on a request basis.

Answer: A

You are configuring a plan cycle date that should be visible to managers on the Approvals tab so that they can submit their worksheets before that date. But you do not want to enforce the date because you want the managers to be able to submit their worksheets even after the date is past. Which date should you use? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. HR extraction date
  • B. currency conversion date
  • C. default date due
  • D. evaluation period start and end dates
  • E. worksheet update start and end dates

Answer: C

A corporation has set up an individual compensation plan for a contribution. This contribution needs an approval hierarchy to be set up.
Identify the four correct options regarding approval setup. (Choose four.)

  • A. Approvals can be set up to be completed when one of the approvers takes an action such as Approve or Reject.
  • B. The notifications sent to the approvers can be made actionable.
  • C. Expiry, Escalation, and renew settings are possible for notifications.
  • D. Reminders can be set for a fixed duration either before expiration or after assignment.
  • E. Task attachments cannot be sent using email notifications.

Answer: ABCD

As an implementation consultant, you have defined a total compensation statement. From a security perspective, you are required to identify a key user who will have access to view the total compensation statement.
Which role is mandatory to view the compensation statement? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Compensation Analyst
  • B. Compensation Executive
  • C. Compensation Specialist
  • D. Compensation Manager

Answer: A

A corporation is implementing Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation. Different currencies are set at the Legislative Data Group level, the Organization payment level, the Bank account level, and the payroll element level.
The currency shown while configuring salary basis comes from which level? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. From the input value of the payroll element
  • B. From the Legislative Data Group level, because that is the highest level in the hierarchy.
  • C. From the Organization payment level, because the compensation is finally paid through this
  • D. From the Bank account level

Answer: B

The compensation manager wants to run the batch process to start the compensation cycle. Which statement correctly describes the Back Out Workforce Compensation Data process? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. It backs out started and processed events for participants.
  • B. It removes unneeded transaction data from prior plan cycles.
  • C. It reverses a completed Start Workforce Compensation Cycle process or removes posted salary, payroll, and HR changes.
  • D. It backs out unrestricted events for participants.

Answer: C

You are an implementation consultant, and the client organization wants you to provide a solution for how not to display the welcome message in the total compensation statement.
What will your answer in this situation be? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Changing the welcome message is not possible.
  • B. Edit the “Do not display Welcome message” option in “Statement Definition.”
  • C. Edit the “Do not display Welcome message” option in “Compensation Item.”
  • D. Edit the “Do not display Welcome message” option in “Compensation Category.”

Answer: B

Your customer awards three types of bonuses to its workers: Joining Bonus, Ad-hoc Bonus, and Annual Bonus. All three bonuses are awarded by using element entries.
How would you configure the Compensation Statement? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Create one Compensation Item as Bonus and specify the source type as Element Entr
  • B. Associate the three elements with the Compensation Item.
  • C. Create three Compensation Items: Joining Bonus, Ad-hoc bonus, and Annual Bonu
  • D. Specify the source type as Element Entry and associate the respective elements with the respective Items.
  • E. Create one Compensation Category as Bonus and specify the source type as Element Entr
  • F. Associate the three elements with the Compensation Category.
  • G. Create three Compensation Categories: Joining Bonus, Ad-hoc Bonus, and Annual Bonu
  • H. Specify the source type as Element Entry and associate the respective Elements with the respective Categories.

Answer: B

While you are setting up Stock Details, you notice that the details you entered are different from the ones showing up in system.
What could have been the possible reasons for this? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. You may have forgotten to save the changes made.
  • B. Another administrator might have accessed these settings after you have saved it.
  • C. Network connectivity issue may have hindered your data being sent to the server.
  • D. You do not have the privileges to change Stock Details.

Answer: B

As a compensation manager, in which four cases would you find an employee newly added to your worksheet? (Choose four.)

  • A. An employee transfers into your organization.
  • B. An employee’s data has been corrected by HR and it now satisfies the eligibility criteria.
  • C. An employee leaves an organization.
  • D. A contingent employee becomes a regular employee.
  • E. A loaned employee in your organization returns after assignment completion.
  • F. An intern in your organization gets his place confirmed as an employee.

Answer: ABDE

When initiating an award, what is correct regarding possible workflow tasks? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. You may use either VariableAllocationTask and VarialbeAllocationFYITask
  • B. You must use VariableAllocationTask and not VariableAllocationFYITask.
  • C. You must use VariableAllocationFYITask and not VariableAllocationTask.
  • D. You must use VariableAllocationTask and edit the rules if using only for notification.

Answer: C

While configuring Workforce Compensation Plan, you specify Performance Rating date in Plan Cycle as the same in multiple plans.
What will happen when the manager updates a compensation performance rating in the worksheet of one plan? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. The rating will be available to only the plan where it is updated.
  • B. The rating will be available to all plans that are currently active.
  • C. The rating will be available to all plans with the same Performance Rating date in Plan Cycle.
  • D. The rating will be available to only the plans where the same manager is involved.

Answer: B

Which two tasks are performed by compensation managers while determining budgets? (Choose two.)

  • A. Manually calculate budget amounts or automatically determine budget amounts by using a model.
  • B. With administrative budgeting, enable managers to award compensation within their allocated budget amounts by automatically publishing budget amounts.
  • C. Determine budget amounts offline by downloading budget details to a spreadsheet.
  • D. Publish budgets to line managers to distribute budgets down the reporting hierarchy or to allocate budget amounts at the employee level.

Answer: BD

Which four options are valid refresh options for the Refresh Data process? (Choose four.)

  • A. Refresh HR Data
  • B. Refresh Base and Eligible Salary
  • C. Refresh Plan Access
  • D. Refresh Manager Hierarchy
  • E. Reevaluate Eligibility
  • F. Refresh Plan Currency
  • G. Refresh summary totals

Answer: ADEG

What additional action would you recommend to your customer for worker-administered plans to control plan availability in addition to HR actions? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Manage Individual Contribution
  • B. Manage Contributions
  • C. Manage Variable Allocations
  • D. Manage Worker Contributions
  • E. Allocate Workforce Compensation

Answer: E

In the workforce compensation work area, the Manager’s Worksheet Status is “In Approvals”. What progress has the compensation manager made through a workforce compensation cycle? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. A budget was published to the manager.
  • B. The manager submitted his or her worksheet for approval.
  • C. The first-level manager approved the manager’s worksheet.
  • D. The highest-level manager or approver in the approval hierarchy approved the manager’s worksheet.
  • E. The manager saved some changes to his or her worksheet.

Answer: C

Which four tasks are part of Worksheet Configuration Options? (Choose four.)

  • A. Models
  • B. Components
  • C. Performance ratings
  • D. Compensation change statements
  • E. Alerts
  • F. Plan cycles

Answer: BCDE


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