Cisco 300-209 ExamSIMOS Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS)

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2017 Jan 300-209 simos books:

Q41. Which Cisco adaptive security appliance command can be used to view the count of all active VPN sessions? 

A. show vpn-sessiondb summary 

B. show crypto ikev1 sa 

C. show vpn-sessiondb ratio encryption 

D. show iskamp sa detail 

E. show crypto protocol statistics all 


Q42. What action does the hub take when it receives a NHRP resolution request from a spoke for a network that exists behind another spoke? 

A. The hub sends back a resolution reply to the requesting spoke. 

B. The hub updates its own NHRP mapping. 

C. The hub forwards the request to the destination spoke. 

D. The hub waits for the second spoke to send a request so that it can respond to both spokes. 


Q43. After completing a site-to-site VPN setup between two routers, application performance over the tunnel is slow. You issue the show crypto ipsec sa command and see the following output. What does this output suggest? 

interfacE. Tunnel100 

Crypto map tag: Tunnel100-head-0, local addr 

protected vrF. (none) 

local ident (addr/mask/prot/port): ( 

remote ident (addr/mask/prot/port): ( 

current_peer port 500 

PERMIT, flags={origin_is_acl,} 

#pkts encaps: 34836, #pkts encrypt: 34836, #pkts digest: 34836 

#pkts decaps: 26922, #pkts decrypt: 19211, #pkts verify: 19211 

#pkts compresseD. 0, #pkts decompresseD. 0 

#pkts not compresseD. 0, #pkts compr. faileD. 0 

#pkts not decompresseD. 0, #pkts decompress faileD. 0 

#send errors 0, #recv errors 0 

A. The VPN has established and is functioning normally. 

B. There is an asymmetric routing issue. 

C. The remote peer is not receiving encrypted traffic. 

D. The remote peer is not able to decrypt traffic. 

E. Packet corruption is occurring on the path between the two peers. 


Q44. A user with IP address is unable to access a HTTP website at IP address through a Cisco ASA. Which two features and commands will help troubleshoot the issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Capture user traffic using command capture capin interface inside match ip host any 

B. After verifying that user traffic reaches the firewall using syslogs or captures, use packet tracer command packet-tracer input inside tcp 1234 80 

C. Enable logging at level 1 and check the syslogs using commands logging enable, logging buffered 1 and show logging | include 

D. Check if an access-list on the firewall is blocking the user by using command show running-config access-list | include 

E. Use packet tracer command packet-tracer input inside udp 1234192.168.1.3 161 to see what the firewall is doing with the user's traffic 

Answer: A,B 

Q45. Which command will prevent a group policy from inheriting a filter ACL in a clientless SSL VPN? 

A. vpn-filter none 

B. no vpn-filter 

C. filter value none 

D. filter value ACLname 



Up to date 300-209 vce:

Q46. Which protocol supports high availability in a Cisco IOS SSL VPN environment? 






Q47. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which type of VPN is being configured, based on the partial configuration snippet? 

A. DMVPN with dual hub 

B. GET VPN with dual group member 

C. FlexVPN backup gateway 

D. GET VPN with COOP key server 

E. FlexVPN load balancer 


Q48. Which type of NHRP packet is unique to Phase 3 DMVPN topologies? 

A. resolution request 

B. resolution reply 

C. redirect 

D. registration request 

E. registration reply 

F. error indication 


Q49. In FlexVPN, what is the role of a NHRP resolution request? 

A. It allows these entities to directly communicate without requiring traffic to use an intermediate hop 

B. It dynamically assigns VPN users to a group 

C. It blocks these entities from to directly communicating with each other 

D. It makes sure that each VPN spoke directly communicates with the hub 


Q50. Which PKI enrollment method allows the user to separate authentication and enrollment actions and also provides an option to specify HTTP/TFTP commands to perform file retrieval from the server? 

A. enrollment profile 

B. enrollment terminal 

C. enrollment url 

D. enrollment selfsigned 


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