Cisco 600-601 ExamManaging Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies

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What are two symptoms of duplex mismatch? (Choose two.)

  • A. Ping does not return from one direction versus the other direction.
  • B. Communication is slow and locks up.
  • C. Speed is seen equally slow in both directions.
  • D. The half-duplex side sees frame sequence errors or runt frames.
  • E. The full-duplex side sees CRC errors.

Answer: BD

600-601 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. has the industrial network shown in the exhibit. All switches are configured as layer 2 switches and are using VLAN 1 as their management VLAN. Each VLAN 1 interface has been assigned the correct IP address. What is the purpose of assigning a default gateway to SW-C switch?

  • A. allows connectivity between the VLAN 1 interface on SW-C and other devices in the network.
  • B. allows connectivity between Host A and other devices in the network.
  • C. allows connectivity between Host B and other devices in the network.
  • D. allows the switch to pass traffic between Host A and Host B

Answer: A

What is the purpose of Spanning Tree Protocol?

  • A. to prevent routing loops
  • B. to create a default route
  • C. to provide multiple gateways for hosts
  • D. to maintain a loop-free Layer 2 network topology
  • E. to enhance the functions of SNMP

Answer: D

With what are APC connectors used?

  • A. Category 6a cables that need tight radius bends
  • B. copper network cables in corrosive environments
  • C. single-mode fiber-optic cables to reduce return loss
  • D. high-density copper patch panels

Answer: C

What two things does a router do when it forwards a packet? (Choose two.)

  • A. switches the packet to the appropriate outgoing interfaces
  • B. computes the destination host address
  • C. determines the next hop on the path
  • D. updates the destination IP address
  • E. forwards ARP requests

Answer: AC

A small manufacturing company has a Class C network address on the plant floor and needs to create five subnets, each accommodating 25 endpoints. Which subnet mask needs to be configured?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • E.
  • F.

Answer: D

In which two ways could you minimize the impact of monitoring an industrial network? (Choose two.)

  • A. Send random messages to a device and see what the response is.
  • B. Do frequent ping sweeps to industrial devices to check for their proper operations.
  • C. Make a copy of all the network traffic and analyze it offline.
  • D. Use an industrial-network-grade IDS-IPS system.

Answer: CD

What are the two most relevant factors in determining the class of administration that is required to maintain the telecommunications infrastructure? (Choose two.)

  • A. the size of the infrastructure
  • B. the complexity of the infrastructure
  • C. the age of the infrastructure
  • D. the industry that the infrastructure supports
  • E. the physical environment of the infrastructure

Answer: AB

Which three of the following components must be elected before the Spanning Tree Protocol can converge in a switched LAN? (Choose three.)

  • A. designated ports
  • B. duplex operating mode
  • C. fast mode ports
  • D. root bridge
  • E. root ports
  • F. BDPU priority

Answer: ADE

Which parameter would you tune to affect the selection of a static route as a backup, when a dynamic protocol is also being used?

  • A. hop count
  • B. administrative distance
  • C. link bandwidth
  • D. link delay
  • E. link cost

Answer: B

With a Cisco IE 2000 switch, what does a port status LED indicate when it is solid amber?

  • A. The port is sending or receiving data.
  • B. A link is present.
  • C. No link is present.
  • D. There is a link fault.
  • E. The port is not forwarding.

Answer: E

You are troubleshooting a connectivity problem and want to isolate the problem. You suspect that a router on the route to an unreachable network is at fault. Which command would you issue to see where the packets stop?

  • A. router#ping
  • B. router#tracert
  • C. router#show ip route
  • D. router#show cdp neighbors
  • E. router#traceroute

Answer: E

What do deflections indicate to the time domain reflectometer user?

  • A. They indicate splices, water in the cable, split pairs, and discontinuities or faults.
  • B. Do not connect live circuit cables to the input of the time domain reflectomete
  • C. Connect the cable that is being tested to the cable connector on the front panel of the time domain reflectometer.
  • D. Upward deflections indicate high-impedance mismatches or opens, and downward deflections indicateshorts or low-impedance mismatches.
  • E. They are used to select the I/O impedance of the time domain reflectomete
  • F. You can select 50, 75, 95, or 125? impedances.

Answer: C

You are a called upon to troubleshoot connectivity problems to a network device on a production floor. You have used ping and traceroute to verify that you cannot connect to the device from the management network. The network is and the device has been given the IP address and mask You have verified that you can reach the device with your computer connected to the same switch as the device. What could be the cause of this problem?

  • A. The device is set to the wrong subnet mask.
  • B. The device is set to the wrong IP address.
  • C. The device has no IP default gateway.
  • D. The device is connected to a switchport in the wrong VLAN.

Answer: C

With a Cisco IE 2000 switch, what does a power status LED indicate when it is solid green?

  • A. Power is present on the associated circuit and the system is operating normally.
  • B. Power is present on the associated circuit, but there is no correlation to whether the system is operating normally.
  • C. The system is operating normally, but power is not necessarily present on the associated circuit.
  • D. Power is not present on the associated circuit and the power supply alarm is configured.
  • E. The power status LED does not show solid green.

Answer: A

Which two reasons make mesh bonding systems most effective? (Choose two.)

  • A. cover wide areas
  • B. provide additional strength to floor structures
  • C. provide low-impedance noise-equalizing paths
  • D. create equipotential grounding systems
  • E. most cost-effective approach

Answer: CD

600-601 dumps exhibit
Which two statements are correct for a safe wiring installation to the terminal block of the switch or endpoint? (Choose two.)

  • A. Insert a green ground wire into the terminal block that is marked RT for return.
  • B. Verify that DC power is live and within 24 VDC voltage range before starting wiring.
  • C. Verify that the DC power circuit includes an overcurrent protective device that limits the DC current to 5 A.
  • D. Because this is a low-voltage DC circuit, anyone can install this wiring without electrical training or qualifications.
  • E. Connect the positive 24 VDC conductor to the V terminal and connect the negative 24 VDC return wire to the RT terminal.
  • F. A ground wire can optionally be connected to the screw terminal on the front of the switch.

Answer: CE

What is the most critical step to perform when you are using optical fiber connectors?

  • A. Cover with dust caps when not in use.
  • B. Immerse in alcohol prior to use.
  • C. Blow off and carefully wipe down with a tissue before and after each use.
  • D. Lightly sand with cloth prior to mating.

Answer: A

600-601 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. Host 3 on Network A is sending data to Host 8 on Network B. Which address is the default gateway of Host 3?

  • A. the address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/0
  • B. the address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/1
  • C. the address of the host that is connected to Network A
  • D. the address of the host that is connected to Network B
  • E. the address of the router interface Fa0/0
  • F. the address of the router interface Fa0/1

Answer: E

What should be done with unused conductors in copper unshielded or shielded twisted-pair network cables?

  • A. terminate in their characteristic impedance
  • B. trim back and properly insulate
  • C. connect to protective earth
  • D. splice to a used conductor

Answer: A


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