Microsoft 70-534 ExamArchitecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

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A Complete Guide to exam ref 70 534 architecting microsoft azure solutions

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Q11.  - (Topic 6)

You are designing an Azure web application that includes many static content files.

The application is accessed from locations all over the world by using a custom domain name.

You need to recommend an approach for providing access to the static content with the least amount of latency.

Which two actions should you recommend? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Place the static content in Azure Table storage.

B. Configure a CNAME DNS record for the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) domain.

C. Place the static content in Azure Blob storage.

D. Configure a custom domain name that is an alias for the Azure Storage domain.

Answer: B,C

Explanation: B: There are two ways to map your custom domain to a CDN endpoint.

1. Create a CNAME record with your domain registrar and map your custom domain and subdomain to the CDN endpoint

2. Add an intermediate registration step with Azure cdnverify

C: The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers developers a global solution for delivering high-bandwidth content by caching blobs and static content of compute instances at physical nodes in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

The benefits of using CDN to cache Azure data include:

/ Better performance and user experience for end users who are far from a content source, and are using applications where many 'internet trips' are required to load content

/ Large distributed scale to better handle instantaneous high load, say, at the start of an event such as a product launch

Reference: Using CDN for Azure

Reference: How to map Custom Domain to Content Delivery Network (CDN) endpoint

Q12.  - (Topic 6)

You design an Azure web application. The web application is accessible by default as a standard URL.

You need to recommend a DNS resource record type that will allow you to configure access to the web application by using a custom domain name.

Which DNS record type should you recommend?




D. A

Answer: C

Explanation: A CNAME record maps a specific domain, such as or, to a canonical domain name. In this case, the canonical domain name is the <myapp> domain name of your Azure hosted application. Once

created, the CNAME creates an alias for the <myapp> The CNAME entry will resolve to the IP address of your <myapp> service automatically, so if the IP address of the cloud service changes, you do not have to take any action.

Incorrect: Not D:

* Since an A record is mapped to a static IP address, it cannot automatically resolve changes to the IP address of your Cloud Service.

* An A record maps a domain, such as or, or a wildcard domain such as *, to an IP address. In the case of an Azure Cloud Service, the virtual IP of the service. So the main benefit of an A record over a CNAME record is that you can have one entry that uses a wildcard, such as *, which would handle requests for multiple sub-domains such as,, or

Reference: Configuring a custom domain name for an Azure cloud service


Q13.  - (Topic 7)

You need to support processing for the WGBLeaseLeader app. Which technology should you use?

A. Azure Event Hubs

B. Azure Service Fabric

C. Azure Service Bus Queues

D. Azure Storage Queues

Answer: A

Topic 8, Fourth Coffee


You are the new cloud architect for Fourth Coffee. I he company hosts an on-premises ASP.NET MVC web application to allow online purchases and to support their retail store operations.

The new chief information officer (CIO) has announced several initiatives for the new year, including a new mobile application, online training for retail store employees, and moving the current web application and other services to the cloud.

The marketing team hopes to see an increase in the up-time for the web application. The team would also like to allow users to use social-Nogms in addition to the current username and password system.

Fourth Coffee has chosen Microsoft Azure to support their initiatives.

Current environment

In the Azure portal, you create an Azure Mobile App for the API. You create a Service Bus queue in Azure and install the Azure Storage SDK for Nodejs.

Problem statements

The mobile team attempts to use continuous deployment with the Azure App Service and the new API project. They receive the following error message: "Unable to access '': Failed to connect to"

Business requirement

Web Application

*You must increase up-time for the application.

*The application must support additional regions and languages.

*Marketing must be able to validate the web application before updates to the application

are published to the production environment.


*The marketing team must be able to send frequent and timely updates to specific users and devices including Apple iPad. iPhone, Android. Windows, and Windows Phone devices.

*Users must be able to use their social accounts to sign in to the application. You must support Linkedln, Facebook and Google logons.

*The application must remain responsive, even during peak periods.


Video streaming content must be made available and streamed to employee’s browsers. Training content must only include on-demand streaming. There will be no live content.

Technical requirement Web Application

*You must update the deployment process to support cloud deployments.

*All data must be formatted as JSON during transport.

*You must implement Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) as the version control system for the web application.

*Incoming messages to the API must be persisted to queue storage to ensure they are delivered and processed. You must restrict the size of messages between the mobile app and the API to no more than 5 gigabytes (GB).

*The web application must use geo-redundant replication.


*You must use Node.js as a technology platform. You must support all mobile initiatives when possible.

*You must implement Git as the version control system for the mobile app.

*You must develop a REST API by using Node.js. Express, and MongoDB. You must use the Mobile Apps feature of the Azure App Service to host the API in Standard mode.

*You must implement the following Push Notification Services by using Azure Media Services:

*Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iPad and iPhone devices

*Google Cloud Messaging service (GCM) for Android devices

*Windows Notification Service (WNS) for Windows devices

*Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) for Windows Phone devices

Security and Disaster Recovery

*You must integrate the on-premises Active Directory Domain Services with Azure Active

Directory (Azure AD).

*You must implement the latest federated identity standards to provide authentication and authorization to applications.

*You must implement Multi-Factor Authentication.

*The web application and the API must be able to recover from a disaster.


The web application and API must auto-scale according to the following rules:

*Scale up by one instance if CPU is above 70%.

*Scale down by one instance if CPU is below 50%.


*Streaming must include Content Delivery Network (CDN) capabilities to support global


*Content must be encrypted and protected by using AES and PlayReady.

*Streaming must include one gigabit (GB) per second of dedicated egress capacity.

*All videos must use adaptive bitrate MP4 encoded content and include a streaming manifest file


*You must support the following streaming formats for video files: MPEG DASH, HI_S, Smooth Streaming, HDS. You must not need to re-encode the content.

Q14. HOTSPOT - (Topic 1)

You need to design the contractor information app.

What should you recommend? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.



/ They also plan to extend their on-premises Active Directory into Azure for mobile app authentication

/ VanArsdel mobile app must authenticate employees to the company's Active Directory.

Q15.  - (Topic 6)

You are designing a distributed application for Azure.

The application must securely integrate with on-premises servers.

You need to recommend a method of enabling Internet Protocol security (IPsec)-protected connections between on-premises servers and the distributed application.

What should you recommend?

A. Azure Access Control

B. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

C. Azure Service Bus

D. Azure Site-to-Site VPN

Answer: D

Explanation: IPsec can be used on Azure Site-to-Site VPN connections. Distributed

applications can used the IPSec VPN connections to communicate.

Reference: About Virtual Network Secure Cross-Premises Connectivity

Q16.  - (Topic 6)

A company has a very large dataset that includes sensitive information. The dataset is over 30 TB in size.

You have a standard business-class ISP internet connection that is rated at 100 megabits/second.

You have 10 4-TB hard drives that are approved to work with the Azure Import/Export Service.

You need to migrate the dataset to Azure. The solution must meet the following requirements:

✑ The dataset must be transmitted securely to Azure.

✑ Network bandwidth must not increase.

✑ Hardware costs must be minimized.

What should you do?

A. Prepare the drives with the Azure Import/Export tool and then create the import job. Ship the drives to Microsoft via a supported carrier service.

B. Create an export job and then encrypt the data on the drives by using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Create a destination Blob to store the export data.

C. Create an import job and then encrypt the data on the drives by using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Create a destination Blob to store the import data.

D. Prepare the drives by using Sysprep.exe and then create the import job. Ship the drives to Microsoft via a supported carrier service.

Answer: A

Explanation: You can use the Microsoft Azure Import/Export service to transfer large amounts of file data to Azure Blob storage in situations where uploading over the network is prohibitively expensive or not feasible.

Reference: Use the Microsoft Azure Import/Export Service to Transfer Data to Blob Storage

Q17.  - (Topic 4)

You need to encrypt a media file.

Which type of encryption should you use?

A. secure token service

B. envelope

C. PlayReady

D. storage

Answer: C

Q18. DRAG DROP - (Topic 6)

You have a website that displays text, pictures, video files, and audio files. The website processes requests from countries and regions all over the world. You plan to migrate the website to the Azure platform.

The website has the following requirements:

✑ Encode, store, and stream audio and video at scale.

✑ Load-balance communications with the website instance that is closest to the user's location.

✑ Deliver content with high-bandwidth and low latency.

You need to recommend the technologies to implement the solution.

Which technologies should you recommend? To answer, drag the appropriate technology to the correct requirement. Each technology may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.



* MediaServices

Azure Media Services is being used to power consumer and enterprise streaming solutions worldwide. Combining powerful and highly scalable cloud-based encoding, encryption and steaming components, Azure Media Services is helping customers with valuable and premium video content to easily reach larger audiences on today’s most popular digital devices, such as tablets and mobile phones.

Q19. HOTSPOT - (Topic 6)

A company uses Azure for several virtual machine (VM) and website workloads. The company plans to assign administrative roles to a specific group of users. You have a resource group named GROUP1 and a virtual machine named VM2.

The users have the following responsibilities:

You need to assign the appropriate level of privileges to each of the administrators by using the principle of least privilege.

What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate target objects and permission levels in the answer area.



* Owner can manage everything, including access.

* Contributors can manage everything except access.

Note: Azure role-based access control allows you to grant appropriate access to Azure AD users, groups, and services, by assigning roles to them on a subscription or resource group or individual resource level.

Q20.  - (Topic 5)

You need to design the authentication solution for the NorthRide app. Which solution should you use?

A. Azure Active Directory Basic with multi-factor authentication for the cloud and on- premises users.

B. Active Directory Domain Services with mutual authentication

C. Azure Active Directory Premium and add multi-factor authentication the for cloud users

D. Active Directory Domain Services with multi-factor authentication

Answer: C

Explanation: * Scenario: The NorthRide app must use an additional level of authentication other than the employee's password.

* Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is the multi-factor authentication service that requires users to also verify sign-ins using a mobile app, phone call or text message. It is available to use with Azure Active Directory, to secure on-premise resources with the Azure Multi- Factor Authentication Server, and with custom applications and directories using the SDK.

Reference: What is Azure Multi-Factor Authentication?

Reference: Azure Active Directory Pricing

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