Microsoft 70-697 ExamConfiguring Windows Devices

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Q1. You use a Windows 8.1 tablet. The tablet receives Windows Update updates automatically from the Internet. 

The tablet has Wi-Fi and is connected to a 3G mobile broadband Wi-Fi hot spot. 

You need to minimize data usage while connected to this hot spot. 

What should you do? 

A. Turn on Airplane Mode. 

B. Disable File and Print Sharing for mobile broadband connections. 

C. Configure the interface metric of IP settings for Wi-Fi connection as 1. 

D. Edit the Inbound Rule of Windows Firewall, and then disable Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) traffic. 

E. Configure the broadband connection as a metered network. 



You have a desktop computer and a tablet that both run Windows 10 Enterprise. 

The desktop computer is located at your workplace and is a member of an Active Directory domain. The network contains an Application Virtualization (App-V) infrastructure. Several App-V applications are deployed to all desktop computers. 

The tablet is located at your home and is a member of a workgroup. Both locations have Internet connectivity. 

You need to be able to access all applications that run on the desktop computer from you tablet. 

Which actions should you perform on each computer? To answer, drag the appropriate action to the correct computer. Each action may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. 



You are setting up a Windows 10 Enterprise computer. 

The computer’s network connections are shown in the Network connections exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) 

The computer’s network settings are shown in the Network Settings exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) 

Advanced TCP/IP settings are shown in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) 

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. 

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. 



You administer Windows 10 Enterprise computers in your company network, including a computer named Wst1. Wst1 is configured with multiple shared printer queues. 

Wst1 indicates hardware errors. You decide to migrate the printer queues from Wst1 to a new computer named Client1. 

You export the printers on Wst1 to a file. You need to import printers from the file to Client1. 

From the Print Management console, which Print Management node should you select? To answer, select the appropriate node in the answer area. 


Q5. A company has 10 portable client computers that run Windows 10 Enterprise. 

The portable client computers have the network connections described in the following table. 

None of the computers can discover other computers or devices, regardless of which connection they use. 

You need to configure the connections so that the computers can discover other computers or devices only while connected to the CorpWired or CorpWifi connections. 

What should you do on the client computers? 

A. For the CorpWifi connection, select Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices. 

B. Turn on network discovery for the Public profile. 

C. Change the CorpWired connection to public. Turn on network discovery for the Public profile. For the HotSpot connection, select No, don’t turn on sharing or connect to devices. 

D. For the CorpWired connection, select Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices. 

E. Turn on network discovery for the Private profile. 


Q6. You have a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 10 Enterprise. You add a 1 TB hard drive and create a new volume that has the drive letter D. 

You need to limit the amount of space that each user can consume on D: to 200 GB. 

Members of the Administrators group should have no limit. 

Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. 

A. Run fsutil quota violations D:. 

B. Enable the Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit setting. 

C. Enable the Enable Quota Management setting. 

D. Set a default quota limit. 

E. Run convert D: /FS:NTFS. 

F. Add a quota entry. 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q7. You have a computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 10 Enterprise. 

You need to identify the locations that you can select as a File History drive. 

What are two possible locations? Each correct answer presents a complete solution? 

A. the operating system volume 

B. an unformatted partition 

C. a non-system volume 

D. a network share 

Answer: C,D 

Q8. You support Windows 10 Enterprise computers that are members of an Active Directory domain. Recently, several domain user accounts have been configured with super-mandatory user profiles. 

A user reports that she has lost all of her personal data after a computer restart. 

You need to configure the user’s computer to prevent possible user data loss in the future. 

What should you do? 

A. Remove the .man extension from the user profile name. 

B. Configure Folder Redirection by using the domain group policy. 

C. Configure the user’s documents library to include folders from network shares. 

D. Add the .dat extension to the user profile name. 


Q9. You have a Windows 10 Enterprise computer. 

The computer has a shared folder named C:\\Marketing. The shared folder is on an NTFS volume. 

The current NTFS and share permissions are configured as follows. 

UserA is a member of both the Everyone group and the Marketing group. UserA must access C:\\Marketing from across the network. You need to identify the effective permissions of UserA to the C:\\Marketing folder. 

What permission should you identify? 

A. Full Control 

B. Read and Execute 

C. Read 

D. Modify 


Q10. You administer a Windows 10 Enterprise computer that runs Hyper-V. The computer hosts a virtual machine with multiple snapshots. The virtual machine uses one virtual CPU and 512 MB of RAM. 

You discover that the virtual machine pauses automatically and displays the state as paused-critical. 

You need to identify the component that is causing the error. 

Which component should you identify? 

A. no virtual switch defined 

B. insufficient memory 

C. insufficient hard disk space 

D. insufficient number of virtual processors 


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