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What would be a good use-case for using AEM to edit your Single Page Application (SPA)?

  • A. Allows you to deploy the SPA
  • B. Deploy the SPA on native devices
  • C. Avoids the service of a front-end developer
  • D. Adds the capability for authors to interact with the SPA content

Answer: D

What is the main function of AEM Screens?

  • A. AEM Screens is used to display interactive content on digital signs
  • B. AEM Screens is used for previewing content
  • C. AEM Screens is used to build single-page applications
  • D. AEM Screens is used to emulate the content of different devices

Answer: A

Developers made changes to a page. The client views the page but still sees the old version. However, when the client views the page in Incognito mode, the new page displays correctly. What is the solution to this problem?

  • A. Clear the cache of the browser and access the page again
  • B. Contact your system administrator to see if there are issues with the replication queue
  • C. Check the page status and if necessary, the state of the replication queue
  • D. Clear the Dispatcher cache and access the page again

Answer: A

You need to create a large set of pages that share the same content structure but have different content. What is the best approach to create this large set of same structured pages?

  • A. Use Projects
  • B. Use an Editable Template
  • C. Use Workflows
  • D. Use Targeting mode

Answer: B

Regarding performance, what are the Adobe recommended response time guidelines for uncached HTML requests?

  • A. 30% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 100ms
  • B. 20% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 1 second
  • C. 70% of the request for pages should have a response in less than 100ms
  • D. No pages should respond slower than an elapsed period of 500ms

Answer: C

A customer wants to show a list of pages based on categories. What is preferred way of creating this list?

  • A. Content fragments
  • B. Multi-field links
  • C. Reference components
  • D. Tagging

Answer: D

You are running through an AEM Assets Discovery Checklist for your customer. Their main concerns are low downtime and minimum latency issues. What are two most important questions that you can ask the customer to best address their concerns? Choose two.

  • A. Do you intend to use Creative Cloud Integration?
  • B. What is the typical network connectivity for users accessing AEM?
  • C. What hours are considered “off-peak” for your content authors?
  • D. What are the types of assets to be migrated?
  • E. Do you have asset review/approval workflows?

Answer: BC

SEO best practice states that if a user were to see a URI and none of the content on the page, they should be able to describe what the page is. Which AEM feature allows you to control a URL while maintaining SEO integrity?

  • A. Use the link Externalizer tool to set a global URL rule for your site
  • B. Configure your dispatcher to redirect users to SEO enabled pages only
  • C. Use the Move command to move the page
  • D. Use the vanity URL field of the page property to configure the URL

Answer: D

What can be done to obtain a better bounce rate for your site? Select two.

  • A. Use Adobe Target A/B testing to determine the best performing version of your pages
  • B. Run reports on AEM Communicates to get user sentiment from social media
  • C. Use AEM Projects to communicate with your end-users
  • D. Use AEM Asset Insights to capture activity details and make data-driven

Answer: A

There is a copyright and legal information in the footer of all pages of a website which require regular updates. What approach would you recommend to design the footer so that the content can be updated easily?

  • A. Add a content fragment to the footer component of the page
  • B. Create a footer component and include it on the structure of the page templates
  • C. Create a footer component that can be used on the parent page in an iparsys
  • D. Add a footer component to the layout container of the page

Answer: B

The user-based for your newly created AEM Community is growing quickly and will soon get out of hand without any management. Which Administration section will best handle this scenario?

  • A. Moderation console
  • B. Site console
  • C. Members console
  • D. Reports console

Answer: A

A client’s side is having authoring consistency issues due to authors publishing pages with components ordered differently on each page. Using AEM Best Practices, what is the best way to configure content components in order to avoid this issue?

  • A. Configure a limitations protocol on components per page to restrict the arrangement of components
  • B. Enable Group Review whereby authors can preview other authors published pages and match designs
  • C. Create a Continuity Outline for authors, allowing for a structured design while maintaining flexibility
  • D. Set allowed components within a template, bracketed by structural components that remain constant

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which is an AEM page mode?
AD0-E102 dumps exhibit

  • A. Timewarp
  • B. Publish
  • C. Deploy
  • D. Review

Answer: A

A developer is working on a section of a new content component that has an identical look and behavior to a section of another component within the project’s codebase. According to AEM Best Practices, how should this component be configured?

  • A. The new component should extend an existing component
  • B. The old component should be divided into separate components
  • C. The new component should be built separately
  • D. The existing component should be duplicated

Answer: A

In which situation should Experience Fragments be used? Choose two.

  • A. Using Content Services to create a headless solution
  • B. When experiences need to be optimized with intelligence based on specific KPIs
  • C. When content contains large size assets and needs better performance
  • D. When experiences can be reused with same or similar content and layout
  • E. When using Adobe Experience Cloud service for content

Answer: CD

When a user requests a cacheable document from the AEM Dispatcher, what will the Dispatcher check to access whether the document exists in the web server file system? Choose two.

  • A. If the document is not cached, the Dispatcher requests the document form the AEM instance
  • B. If the document is not cached, the Dispatcher returns a 404 error response
  • C. If the document is cached, the AEM Dispatcher returns the file from the CDN Cache
  • D. If the document is cached, the AEM Dispather requests the cached file after validation

Answer: AC

A company foresees the structure of page templates will change frequently for its pages. Why is it important to use editable templates instead of static templates?

  • A. Allows you to add initial components to existing pages
  • B. The Column Control component is only available for editable templates
  • C. Editable templates are replicated faster to a publish server
  • D. A dynamic connection is maintained between the page and the template on existing pages

Answer: D

Which AEM feature can an author use to manage and display the text-only content on different channels?

  • A. Experience fragments
  • B. A reference component
  • C. AEM Workflows
  • D. Content fragments

Answer: D

An author wishes to ensure that only approved elements such as components and styles are used on a web site. Which method will be the most efficient at achieving this?

  • A. Create a single policy that all relevant templates will use as their configuration
  • B. Group all elements under a single custom namespace
  • C. Enable all page templates used to inherit their properties from a master template
  • D. Deploy all web pages within the same node of the site structure

Answer: C

Your company is launching a website with customers from around the world. What capabilities of AEM Sites would allow you to make the content more relevant to the largest amount of customers? Choose two.

  • A. Translation Framework
  • B. Layouting Mode
  • C. Editable Templates
  • D. Multi-Site Manager
  • E. Launches

Answer: BD


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