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In chronological order from 1 (top) to 4 (bottom), what are the steps you will perform to make positive changes to a new website?
Select the correct answer for each step from the dropdown list.
AD0-E200 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

AD0-E200 dumps exhibit

You have validated that eVar10 is being correctly set In the image request being sent to Adobe. However , you run the corresponding report you do not see that value when you run the eVar10 report in Adobe Analytics. What could be two reasons for this issue? Select two.

  • A. eVar10 is not enabled in the report suite settings
  • B. There is a VISTA rule that is overwriting the value
  • C. There is a processing Rule that is overwriting the value
  • D. There is a bot rule that is overwriting the value of eVar10

Answer: C

On May 25, 2018 Adobe’s new GDPR data retention policy went into effect although contract arrangements can be made to store data longer, which is the most common data retention on Adobe Analysis contracts?

  • A. 25 months
  • B. 37 months
  • C. 36 months
  • D. 38 months
  • E. 18 months
  • F. 24 months

Answer: A

What is an appropriate use of Processing Rules?

  • A. Divide a variable value at a delimiter and put part of it into prop43
  • B. Set an event every time the VISTA rule sets ‘’Bing organic in the tracking code report
  • C. Copy a Context Data variable value into avar10
  • D. Cause a VISTA rule running on eVar1 to be processed after marketing Channels

Answer: A

While reviewing analytics report for your website one day, you open up to the exit links report and notice it is empty. After manually testing some exist links on your site. You do not see the any image requests firing for external links either.
What could be causing the missing images for external links? Select two.

  • A. s.linkInternalFilters has not been property defined
  • B. s.trackExternalLinks is set to false
  • C. s.trackLink has not been properly defined
  • D. s.trackDownloadlinks is set to true
  • E. tracVar is set to false

Answer: AE

What are the basis tenant of GDRP? Select three.

  • A. First right of refusal
  • B. Right to access
  • C. Right to partial access
  • D. Right to be forgotten
  • E. Consent

Answer: D

Which is the correct way to set an s.t10 call?

  • A.‘’this’’.o’’. pageA)
  • B. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA’)
  • C. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA):
  • D. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA):
  • E. .tl(‘’this’’.o’’. pageA’)

Answer: D

Given the referrer:https// mydomain mail/#inbox Which is the referring root domain?

  • A. Mydomain
  • B.
  • C.
  • D. adobe

Answer: B

Configuring the Adobe Analytics-Adobe target integration sometimes called ‘’A4t enhanced both adobe product. What are some benefits of settings up this integration ? Select two.

  • A. Target can create new custom eVars and implement them without any code changes
  • B. Target activities experiences, and results can be viewed with adobe Analytics
  • C. Adobe analytics can deliver personalized contact based on user preferences
  • D. Custom events from Analytics can be applied to Target reports at any time
  • E. Paid search ads be created on the fly and run on search run on engines

Answer: D

Which item must be embedded in your pages to asynchronously deploy Adobe Analytics with Launch?

  • A. Reference to AppMeasurment.js
  • B. Reports $ Analytics page code
  • C. Header and Footer code
  • D. Header code

Answer: B

What does it mean when the override test channel box is channel for a channel In the marketing channel processing rules?

  • A. All marketing channels will receives partial credits for conversion
  • B. All marketing channels will receive full credit for conversions
  • C. That channel will receive first touch credit for conversions
  • D. That channel will receive last touch credit for conversion

Answer: A

What are some attributes of virtual report suites? Select three.

  • A. They are an alternative to multi -suite tagging
  • B. Some settings are inherited from parent report suite
  • C. Current and real-time data is supported
  • D. They can be added individually to permission groups
  • E. Classification data can be uploaded

Answer: E

What credit success events does participation assign to all values of an eVar that were passed during a visit?

  • A. None
  • B. Full
  • C. Linear
  • D. partial

Answer: B

While translating business requirements to KPIs, you come across a requirement. What are some examples of metrics that cloud measures site engagement? Select three.

  • A. Last touch channel
  • B. Video views
  • C. Visitor location
  • D. Phone number clicks
  • E. From starts/completes

Answer: BDE

A visitor interacting with your website on 3 visits using the same device and web browser. The source query string parameter is captured into eVar5 Visit #1.
The visitor came to the website by clicking on Facebook ad with the query string parameter source=xyz 123 set in the URL During this visit the added a quantity of one of product 123ABC with a cost of $99.99 to their cart. Later they filed out a contact from on the site that resulted in success event being set
The visitor returnee to the website by clicking a link containing source=em567 that they received in their email. During this visit they added two of a second product to their shopping cart of %JU#555AAA with an individual cost of $50.00.
They returned to the website by typing the URL of the website homepage directly into the address bar and completed the porches for both items
Which additional pieces of information would you need to determine the value attributed to eVars at the one of purchase? Select three.

  • A. The allocating setting for eVar5
  • B. The expiration setting for eVar5
  • C. If merchandising is enabled for eVar5
  • D. How long the visitor was on the site for each visit
  • E. How much time passed between the first and last assist

Answer: E

After testing analytics on your QA environment with multiple browser you use see the correct variable and events getting’s set on a 200 status image request. As part of the QA process, you also check the non-report suit to verify data is arriving as expected. After several days you notice that no data has.
What are potential causes? Select two.

  • A. The processing rule setup has not finished
  • B. The tracking server value is not correctly set
  • C. RSID value on the QA environment is not pointing to the correct report rule
  • D. Data processing has not been completed on the Adobe servers.

Answer: B

How many development instances does Adobe Launch allow?

  • A. Unlimited
  • B. Ten
  • C. Three
  • D. One

Answer: C

Your site has several custom links. What can you expert when viewing a Conversion Variable report?

  • A. Instances will be higher than Occurrence
  • B. Page View Will be higher than Occurrence
  • C. Occurrence will be higher than page view
  • D. This is unknown without knowing specific variable settings

Answer: D

What is the most granular way to extract data from Adobe Analytics?

  • A. Data Warehouse
  • B. Download Reports
  • C. Data Feed
  • D. Analytics API
  • E. Report Builder

Answer: A

Which javaScrip concatenates eVar2:prop2 inot prop1?

  • A. s.prop1=’D=c2+’’.’’+ v2
  • B. s.prop1=’D=c2+’’.’’+ v2
  • C. s.prop1=D=c2+’’.’’+ v2
  • D. s.prop1=’D=c2+’’.’’+ c2

Answer: A

How many times can dimensions be broken down in an Analysis Workspaces panel?

  • A. 3
  • B. More than 5
  • C. 2
  • D. 5

Answer: B

There are plans at your organization to implement a new eVar to capture internal search terms on the company website. After speaking with multiple stakeholders. It has been determined that all search terms used during the visit should receive credit for success events.
Based on this information which allocation type should be selected in the report suite eVar settings?

  • A. Most Recent (Last)
  • B. Linear
  • C. Participation
  • D. Original value (First)

Answer: D

While preparing for a new analysis implementation for a site, you being conducting stakeholder interviews. Part of the conversation include defining KPIs including custom success events.
What are some examples of custom success events on a site Select two.

  • A. Checkouts
  • B. Checkouts
  • C. Cart adds
  • D. From completions
  • E. Purchases
  • F. Internal searches

Answer: CF

A product was viewed on two different pages and was added to the cart from one of the pages. Below are the product syntax used for each page
AD0-E200 dumps exhibit
If the product was checked out and purchased for $100, how might revenue be attribute to eVar2 if merchandising is enabled? Select two.

  • A. $100 against march)category2 for most recent allocation
  • B. $100 against march)category1 for original allocation
  • C. $100 aganst merch)categoty 1 and against merch category2 for linear allocation.
  • D. $200 against merch_category2 for most recent allocation

Answer: A


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