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An Adobe Analyst Workspace project panel is set up to show all key Performance indicators(KPIs) The manager wants to be able to toggle between mobile phone, desktop, or all data in the KPI panel.
How can the manager accomplish this task using a single Panel component?

  • A. Create a virtual report suite for mobile phone and desktop data.
  • B. Apply both ‘’Mobile Phone’’ and Desktop’’ values as filters to the panel.
  • C. Create a dropdown filter using the Mobile Device Type dimension.
  • D. Create a dropdown filter using the Mobile device Type dimension.

Answer: A

A company just hired a new analyst. The new resource does not have any previous experience with Adobe Analytics but does with a different free Analytics tool, which is also install on the website for remarketing proposes. When analyzing Bounce Rate in both of the tool, the sees a significant different between them.
What is a possible reason for this different considering the implementation do not have any issues?

  • A. In Adobe Analyst Bounce rate is calculated using the formula ‘’Session divided by Enterie
  • B. In some other Analytics tools, Bounce rate is calculated using the formula Single session divided by session.
  • C. They way Adobe analytics visitors is different from the rest of the market based on IP addresses.
  • D. In Adobe Analytics calculate Visitors is different from the rest of the market based on IP addresses.
  • E. In Adobe Analytics, Bounce rate is calculated using the formula ‘’Bounces divided by Entries ‘’. In some other Analytic tool
  • F. Bounce rate is calculated using the formula ‘’Single-page session divided by sessions.’’
  • G. Metrics can never be compared between two different tools

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
If the logic between the two containers within the segment is changed from ‘’OR’’ to ‘’AND’’, what will occur?

  • A. No orders will be displayed.
  • B. All the cart additions that are greater than or equal to seven will be displayed.
  • C. The orders that are below seven will be displayed
  • D. The orders that are above seven will be discovered.

Answer: C

In the fallout Visualization which type of components can be added as checkpoints?

  • A. Dimension Values using an OR statement
  • B. Dimension values using a THEHN statements
  • C. Dimension values using a Logic Group statement
  • D. Dimension values using an AND statement

Answer: B

A web analyst has created an elaborate, multi-tabbed report in Adobe report Builder. The report is scheduled to be sent to the executive team every morning at 6AM.
Upon receipt of the first report, an executive team member said the report appears incomplete. It was determined only the first tab of the large report was sent.
What cloud have cause this issue?

  • A. The recipient’s email address was incorrectly entered.
  • B. There is a limit to the number of tabs a report can contain.
  • C. The publish First Tab Only checkbox is the scheduling wizard was checked.
  • D. The selected delivery file format was .csv or .txt.

Answer: C

Metric event20 has the name ‘’Video event start;. but the manager who requested the dashboard would like the metric to show up in the report as ‘’Video play’’.
The web analyst does not have admin rights.
Which method will display a custom name of the metric used in a table in Workspace?

  • A. Change the name of the metrics in the column settings of the table to the desired value.
  • B. Manually edit the label of the metric to show up as desired.
  • C. Use a calculated metric derived from the original metric, naming it as desired.
  • D. Change the name of the metric in the report Suite Manager in the Success Events Section

Answer: A

Anomaly detection alerts the analytics team to a spike in product view on a specific views on a specific item. User further investigation the discovers that a remarketing partner is sending illegitimate traffic to the website. Business partners are asking that the analyst team exclude the traffic from both future report and past reports.
How can this request be accomplished?

  • A. Create a processing rule to exclude the traffic.
  • B. Create a segment excluding the traffic.
  • C. Add offending IP addresses to bot rules to exclude the traffic.
  • D. Work with Adobe Engineer to create a VISTA rule to exclude the traffic

Answer: A

The owner of an electronics store is doing a yearly review of the store’s performance and notices that there was a decline in Average order value in the months of April.
Which three statements cloud be true? (Choose three.0

  • A. Revenue decreased as Orders decreased.
  • B. Revenue increased as Order remained constant.
  • C. Revenue decreased as order remained constant.
  • D. Orders decreased as revenue remained constant.
  • E. Revenue increased as orders decreased

Answer: BCD

Two single condition Segment are set up for creating a Virtual report Suite. Both Segments are visit scoped and have the following rule using default Dimensions:
Segment A: Marketing Channel equals ‘’Social Networks’’ Segment B: Contrives equals ‘ United kingdom’
Which data subnet of the source report suite will be available when using this Virtual report Suite

  • A. All Visitor data for visits coming from a Social network AND from the United Kingdom
  • B. All Visitor data for visitor coming from a Social network OR from the united Kingdom
  • C. Visit data for visit coming from a Social network AND from the United Kingdom
  • D. Visit data for visits coming from a Social Network OR from the United Kingdom

Answer: A

When a segment is created from within a report by dragging a component on the segment area, it is possible to re-use It in another report?

  • A. Yes, by editing the segment and checking ‘’Make this segment public’.
  • B. No, it is not possible.
  • C. Yes, by editing the segment and checking ‘’Make this an Experience Cloud audience.’’
  • D. Yes it is automatically available is the segment list.

Answer: C

Utilizing a segment identifying website traffic from the Unified States, an executive team member from a computer manufacture is viewing a report showing daily computer sales in the United States. In the component rail the executive sees a segment for ‘’United Kingdom and drags it directly into the dataset to break down a specific dimension. Every attempt return zero activity.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
Why would the dataset drop to zero?

  • A. Dimension cannot be segmented In Analytics Workspace.
  • B. Analytics Workspace cannot support more than one segment.
  • C. The segment was not visit-based
  • D. The segment are mutually exclusive

Answer: B

An analyst wants to create a Freeform Table In Adobe Analyst Workspace that shows the top week, based on number of visitors and the number of page loads.
Which three default components should be used? (Choose three.)

  • A. Day of Week
  • B. Visit
  • C. Exits
  • D. Week
  • E. Page Views
  • F. Unique Visitors

Answer: BEF

A media agency is running a Display campaign, but none of the data is credited to the Display marketing channel in Adobe Analytics’.
Here are some example tracking codes provided by the media agency.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
The marketing channel processing Rule for the Display channel is configured as follows:
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
What is causing the loss of data in Adobe Analytics?

  • A. The Marketing channel processing rule is using a different query string parameter.
  • B. The Marketing Channel processing rule is not set up to collect for the summet2019 campaign.
  • C. The variables in the tracking code are not following a consistent taxonomy.
  • D. The display ad placements are not configured correctly.

Answer: B

The website manager asks an analyst to provide an analyst for the churn rate over a period of time among the visitors of product pages.
Which visualization should the analyst choose in order to support the analysis?

  • A. Products Conversion Funnel
  • B. Cohort table
  • C. Fallout
  • D. Histogram

Answer: B

An analyst has business requirements to report on video engagement of visitors who arrive via paid search on a mobile device compared with visitors who arrive via paid search on tabled.
What should the analyst create to meet this business requirement?

  • A. A data warehouse report with the following metric/dimensions: video completion rat
  • B. Mobile rate.Mobile tablet, paid search unique visitors
  • C. A single segment (visits from paid search, mobile and tablet) and apply to the video report to show thecomparison
  • D. A data segment (visits from paid search, mobile and tablet) and apply to the video report to show the comparison
  • E. Two segment (Visit from paid search and mobile and visits from paid Search and tablet) and apply to the video report to show the comparison

Answer: A

A visitor decides to download the white paper ‘’Jobs of the Future’’ from a financial service
Institutions online publication. While the download Event is triggered the evar56 which captures downloaded file named not fire.
Consider the following eVar setting set at Hit level and Allocation is Most recent (last)
What will the analyst see as the value for evar56 when looking at the number of downloads by file.

  • A. Unspecified
  • B. Jobs of the Future Other
  • C. Other
  • D. None

Answer: A

Where can Calculated metrics be used?

  • A. Real Time reports
  • B. Fallout
  • C. Flow
  • D. Report builder

Answer: D

An analyst has to alter a request in report Builder in order to illustrate the number of order by month and by purchase country. Currently it displays only the total values by month.
What are two ways the analyst can address this change? (Choose two.)

  • A. Edit the existing request and select the Dimension ‘’Country’’ in the first step of the request wizard and ‘’Month’’ in the second step of the request wizard.
  • B. Right-click on the request cell, and added depended Request > breakdown.
  • C. Right-click on the request and add Matching request >Breakdown.
  • D. Edit the existing request and select the dimension ‘’Month’’ in the first step of the request wizard and Country’’ in the second step of the request wizard.
  • E. Edit the existing request, and select the Dimension ‘’Month’ and’’ Country’’ in the first step of the request wizard

Answer: AD

A the analyst team has created an Analyst Workspace project featuring a Cohort Table and a Scatter Visualization. The executive team, which does not have Analytics access, has requested distribution of the report.
Which available file format should be used for distribution of the report?

  • A. PFF
  • B. PTT
  • C. CSV
  • D. XLSZ

Answer: C

Which action lets you limit the components before sharing a projct?

  • A. Save project
  • B. Share Project
  • C. Curate project
  • D. Edit project

Answer: A

An analyst has been given a list of dimension available to conduct an analysis on their hospital’s site . The Solution Design Reference (SDR) contains:
Event -Start Appointment Booking - Set on: Appointment Booking Start event2 - Booking Complete Set on Booking Complete eVar Doctor - Type Set on event evar2 - number of available Appointments - Set on event prop Appointment patting
Given the SDR which report can be generated?

  • A. Booking Completion Rate
  • B. Time to Book an Appointment
  • C. Length of appointments
  • D. Missed appointments

Answer: B

Which calculated metric represents the average number of times a user has on the site?

  • A. Page Vires/Unique Visitor
  • B. Visit/unique Visitor
  • C. Page views/Visits
  • D. Unique Visitor/Visits

Answer: C


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