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What is the primary benefit of utilizing a platform option?

  • A. To communicate with external application
  • B. To standardize the values of a filed and help with data input or use within queries
  • C. To automatically create an incremental counter to maintain a consistent sequence
  • D. To reference and update a parameter across multiple workflow execution

Answer: C

A marketer uses a custom Recipient field to store an email address. What changes, if any, must be made to send emails to seeds?

  • A. Extend the seed schema with new email attribute, modify seed form, and reference the seed schema.
  • B. Modify the seed form and reference the recipient schema.
  • C. No changes are needed; the seeds can use the standard email attribute.
  • D. Extend the seed schema with new email attribute only.

Answer: A

A campaign developer must configure a campaign hierarchy. campaign configuration are as follows:
AD0-E308 dumps exhibit Campaigns are budgeted and planned quarterly (Example 2017 Q1)
AD0-E308 dumps exhibitCampaigns run weekly (Example, Week1, Week2..)
How should the Campaign developer configure the campaign hierarchy?

  • A. Program Level based on the specific instance of the campaign run (Week1) Campaign Level based on the campaign type (Product promotion) Plan Level based on the quarter of the year (2017 Q1)
  • B. Plan Level based on the quarter of the year (2017 Q1) Program based on campaign type (product Promotional) campaign level based on the week of the campaign run (Week1)
  • C. Program Level based on the quarter of the year (2017Q1) Plan based on campaign type (Product Promotion) Campaign based on weekly run (Week1)
  • D. Delivery Level based on the quarter of the year (2017 Q1) Plan based on the weekly run on the campaign (Week1) Program based on campaign type (Product Promotion)

Answer: B

How should a Campaign developer prepare an encrypted flat file for use with a campaign workflow as the starting population?

  • A. No action is needed, Encrypted data should be stored as encrypted
  • B. Specify the public and private keys as the options under Administrator > Platform
  • C. No action is needed: encrypted flat files are automatically detected and decrypted by Adobe Campaign
  • D. Specify a pre-processing decryption command in the data loading (file) activity

Answer: C

Which of the following is a server command?

  • A. nlserver cancel [ @]
  • B. nlserver pause [ @]
  • C. nlserver begin [ @]
  • D. nlserver stop [ @]

Answer: C

How should a campaign developer restrict users from entering only one of three possible data values in a column called customerstatus?

  • A. Create an onChange javaScript trigger to alert the end user to the invalid value
  • B. Leverage the enable if keyword with an expression that evaluates the values for customer status
  • C. Apply a sysfilter to the form and filter on the values for customer status
  • D. Leverage Enumerations in drop-down lists for the three allowed values

Answer: B

What is the purpose of the script is_ neolane_setup vbs?

  • A. To configure the Adobe Campaign server to use the ISS virtual delivery
  • B. To instance ISS on the server
  • C. To update the Adobe configuration file to use ISS
  • D. To instance the Adobe campaign redirection software

Answer: C

A campaign developer installs toe transactional message control package. But NOT the transactional message execution package. What is the reason for this decision?

  • A. Message templates are created in the transactional message control.
  • B. Direct mart messages are managed in the transactional message control.
  • C. Transactional message control sends the message.
  • D. Transactional message execution packages are installed by default.

Answer: C

A campaign target population is cut at 100 random records to receive a limited offer. When the Campaign developer goes to approve the targeting for the offer, only 90 records ate available. Ten records have been removed by a required topology rule Less than 18 Years Old.
A Campaign developer must make sure exactly 100 records are selected and sent an offer while ensuring compliance.
Mow should the Campaign developer perform this task?

  • A. Remove the less than IS Years OM rule from the typology defined in the delivery
  • B. Add a filter to the workflow to select only 18 yean of age or older
  • C. Change the execution order of the Less than 18 Years Old typology rule to execute later.
  • D. Select 110 random records to account for the drop by the typology rule

Answer: A

Where do you define a new type of folder?

  • A. Folder schema
  • B. Form XML
  • C. Navigation hierarchy XML
  • D. Platform Option

Answer: C

In which activities can a Campaign developer set the segment code?

  • A. Read List Fork, List Update
  • B. Test intersection, Fork Enrichment
  • C. Intersection Query, Exclusion Enrichment
  • D. Read List Update Data Fork Test

Answer: C

A developer is building a campaign that select recipient the day after recipient contact customer support and support and send the same email content regardless of day of execution.
A different delivery ID must be associated meet the analysis requirements with the daily maintenance?

  • A. Create an Email delivery and re-execute each day.
  • B. Create a new Email delivery each day
  • C. Leverage a Recurring delivery
  • D. Leverage a Continuous delivery

Answer: C

In a split activity, the Campaign developer defines the Segment Code for each subnet and need to use this value to select conditional content in an email delivery.
How should the Campaign developer reference the filed in the delivery?

  • A. [targetData/@segmentCode]
  • B. @segmentCode
  • C. segmentCode
  • D. targetdata.segmentCode

Answer: A

What is an accurate description of the Adobe Campaign Hierarchy?

  • A. Plan, Program, campaign, delivery, Workflow
  • B. Program, Plan, campaign, Workflow, delivery
  • C. Campaign, Plan, Program, Workflow, delivery
  • D. Plan, Program, Campaign, Workflow, delivery

Answer: D

A Campaign developer is creating a flag to identify recipients who have specified date of birth. The Campaign developer codes the expression as follows in an environment activity.
AD0-E308 dumps exhibit
What is the problem with this expression?

  • A. Target/birthdate is missing the @ before birthdate
  • B. Target is not a valid schema
  • C. Lif0 is an invalid function
  • D. The condition is null is NOT valid in expression

Answer: A

A Campaign developer is adding a schema to the data model.
Which step must be performed for the table to be used in Adobe Campaign queries?

  • A. Create a join in the schema to the Recipient table.
  • B. Create the schema in a new namespace.
  • C. Match the schema name to the table name.
  • D. Create a Primary key in the schema.

Answer: C

A client has a user created specifically for making API calls. The client does NOT want to create a new token for each call.
How should the Campaign developer configure the operator to accomplish this request?

  • A. Enable trusted IP
  • B. Use Adobe ID login
  • C. Forbid web access
  • D. Use LDAP integration

Answer: B

A client has 30 Campaign operation defined and requests that a campaign developer add 5 new operations. These operators only need to receive notifications when a specific email campaign workflow fails.
How should a Campaign developer set up these new operation?

  • A. Create the 5 new operations and add them as members to the built-in Campaign Managers group
  • B. Create the 4 new operators and create a new operators group with the 5 new operators as members
  • C. Create the 5 new operators and add them as members to the built-in workflow Supervisors group
  • D. Create the 5 new operators with Administrators privileges

Answer: C

A Campaign developer is configuring a direct mail delivery.
The campaign developer selects’ ‘’By data groupings’’ when configure the control group sampling within the delivery.
What is the reason for this configuration?

  • A. The control group and the target group extracted as separate files once the delivery executes.
  • B. The sampling will take the same number of records within each data grouping identified.
  • C. Data is sorted by the groupings attribute before the sample is pulled from the target population.
  • D. By data grouping associate the campaign with a pre-selected control group population.

Answer: B

A Campaign developer is sending proofs for an email delivery. The campaign developer must indicate what time proof was generated in the proof email subject line.
How should the Campaign developer accomplish this task?

  • A. Code the email delivery to dynamically append the data time in the subject line if a prod is being sent.
  • B. In the delivery properties > advanced edit the prof properties and defined a javaScript block to calculate the current timestamp
  • C. In the delivery properties > advanced, edit the proof properties to append the current data time stamp when the proof
  • D. While sending proofs manually change the subject line to include the current data time

Answer: D

A Campaign developer must create a workflow to extract a set specified records to a flat file each day. Which three workflow activities are required? (Choose three.)

  • A. Data Extraction (file)
  • B. Query
  • C. Scheduler
  • D. Start
  • E. End

Answer: ABC


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