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What benefit does the Aruba AppRF feature provide your customers?

  • A. It dynamically adjusts the radio power to reduce interference in high-density AP environments.
  • B. It connects clients to the best available AP, eliminating issues caused by clients that stick to an AP even if the signal strength is weak.
  • C. It inspects wireless traffic to monitor how applications are used and to give priority to business-critical applications.
  • D. It improves wireless performance by moving AP radios to channels that are not experiencing RF interference.

Answer: C

Which SMB offer provides the software and hardware customers need to run popular workloads?

  • A. Entry models
  • B. Standard models
  • C. Performance models
  • D. Solution models

Answer: A

Your customer has an aging infrastructure and tells you that their company is moving to the public cloud. What can you tell the customer about HPE SimpliVity?

  • A. Nearly 90% of customers regret moving to the cloud.
  • B. Although the could offers a more affordable solution, it does not give customers the control of an on-premises solution.
  • C. Hyperconverged systems don’t quite match the ease of management the cloud offers, but they provide a lower total cost of ownership.
  • D. When compared to cloud solutions, hyperconverged solutions can lower costs up to 55%.

Answer: D

How do a company’s IT requirements change when implementing a hyperconverged solution?

  • A. IT specialists are needed to manage the storage, server, and networking components.
  • B. IT has a suite of tools to plan and optimize the storage and server components.
  • C. An IT generalist can manage the entire hyperconverged solution.
  • D. IT can maintain their server and storage siloes while reducing the time it takes to manage them.

Answer: B

Your SMB customer is concerned that wireless traffic weakens the company’s network security. Which Aruba Instant APs (IAPs) built-in features should you emphasize when talking to the customer? (Select two.)

  • A. IntroSpect
  • B. Policy Enforcement Firewall
  • C. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • D. ClearPass
  • E. RFProtect

Answer: AC

What advantages do Unified APs (UAPs) offer your customers?

  • A. UAPs can be licensed as sensors or as APs, allowing customers to use the same hardware to enable and monitor the wireless network.
  • B. UAPs are 802.11ac Wave 1 APs, which can be updated to 802.11ac Wave 2 APs.
  • C. UAPs have one radio that supports 802.11n and one radio that supports 802.11ac.
  • D. UAPs can be deployed initially as Instant APs and then later converted to controlled APs

Answer: A

What is a distinctive benefit of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity?

  • A. Customers have the choice of using CAPEX or OPEX as the funding model.
  • B. Customers amortize on-premises assets, reducing their value gradually over time.
  • C. Customers have a use-based, monthly payment based on their solution.
  • D. Customers use a flexible CAPEX funding model.

Answer: C

Which statement reflects the role of business managers in purchasing IT solutions for SMBs?

  • A. They are involved in every step of the process and are the primary decision makers in needs assessment and identifying solution options.
  • B. They are kept informed of IT’s progress in evaluating solutions and then approve the budget for actually purchasing the solutions.
  • C. They are consulted in the needs assessment step but do not have a significant role in the remaining steps of the buying process.
  • D. They are engaged in the first three steps of the buying process, but do not participate in evaluating and selecting the solution.

Answer: A

Your customer wants to know why she should deploy HPE MSA over a competing solution. What is one thing you can tell this customer?

  • A. MSA provides application-level encryption to secure the company’s data.
  • B. MSA is the only flash solution that is affordable enough for a small company.
  • C. MSA is a leading disk enclosure solution that greatly simplifies capacity expansion.
  • D. MSA has been the leading entry-level Fibre Channel array for nine years.

Answer: B

A customer wants to upgrade its APs to 802.11ac but thinks all APs that support 802.11ac deliver the same performance. Which built-in features would you highlight to show that Aruba APs improve the user experience? (Select two.)

  • A. Zero touch management
  • B. Dynamic segmentation
  • C. Web content filtering
  • D. Adaptive Radio Management
  • E. ClientMatch

Answer: BE

What advantage does the HPE SimpliVity deduplication feature provide?

  • A. The deduplication feature runs periodically on the storage devices, continually compressing data and freeing up storage space.
  • B. The always-on deduplication feature ensures that data is deduped on the first I/O.
  • C. SimpliVity uses a proprietary hypervisor, which dedupes the data before it is sent to the Data Virtualization Layer.
  • D. SimpliVity saves the data to disk before deduping it, ensuring no data loss.

Answer: B

What is the business value of HPE Persistent Memory?

  • A. It increases the size of traditional storage, allowing customers to store more data.
  • B. It includes custom server profiles that are tuned to specific workloads.
  • C. It delivers new levels of performance for customers’ workloads.
  • D. It enables jitter smoothing, which reduces fluctuations in the processor.

Answer: C

Which discovery question would you use to determine if a customer is an ideal candidate for an Aruba wired solution?

  • A. How is your current network performing, especially during times of peak usage?
  • B. What type of devices do your employees use to access the wireless network?
  • C. Do you have the budget for a large capital expenditure this year?
  • D. Do you have an inhouse IT staff, or do you rely on a service provider to install IT infrastructure devices?

Answer: A

Which HPE management tool supports Intelligent Tuning features?

  • A. iLo Standard
  • B. Intelligent Provisioning
  • C. Insight Control
  • D. iLo Advanced

Answer: D

What is one reason SMBs are interested in cloud solutions?

  • A. Cloud provides a pay-as-you-go funding model that helps SMBs improve their bottom line.
  • B. Cloud gives SMBs a computing model that meets all of their IT and business requirements.
  • C. Cloud gives SMBs better control over their data than cant be achieved with an on-premises solution.
  • D. Cloud helps SMBs achieve 100% compliance with industry regulations.

Answer: A

Your customer wants to know what distinguishes HPE servers from other servers. What is one distinguishing feature of HPE Gen10 servers?

  • A. They provide the largest storage footprint in the industry.
  • B. They provide more compute power than any other servers on the market.
  • C. They are the most secure industry standard servers.
  • D. They are more affordable than white box servers.

Answer: C

An SMB customer has an expanding SQL database deployment and needs to virtualize and consolidate the storage for a more efficient solution. The customer wants a simple flash solution that gives great performance, and the customer does not care about having the broadest feature set or control over every configuration. Instead, the customer wants a solution that can be deployed in their virtualized environment without hassle and that offers data services such as optimization without a lot of turning from IT.
Which HPE solution family should you recommend?

  • A. HPE 3PAR
  • B. HPE MSA
  • C. HPE Nimble
  • D. HPE StoreEasy

Answer: C

Which challenge might you face when discussing server solutions with your SMB?

  • A. A majority of SMBs do not plan to upgrade their infrastructure over the next two years.
  • B. They think "one size fits all," meaning that vendors offer one server that meets the needs of 90% of SMBs.
  • C. They are not very concerned about cyber attacks so security is not a top priority for them.
  • D. SMBs with few IT resources may be considering public cloud solutions.

Answer: D

Which server solution gives customers a subscription-based, managed server?

  • A. HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server
  • B. HPE ProLiant ML380 Gen10 server
  • C. HPE ProLiant Easy Connect ML110
  • D. HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server

Answer: C

What are business values of HPE SimpliVity? (Select two.)

  • A. SimpliVity eliminates the need for data center core switches.
  • B. SimpliVity integrates up to five core data center activities, simplifying IT operations.
  • C. A majority of companies using HPE SimpliVity report a dramatic improvement in applicationperformance.
  • D. Companies can deploy services and applications more quickly, allowing IT to focus on innovation.
  • E. IT can choose from a suite of management tools, allowing them to use the tool that is best suited for their IT staff’s skill sets.

Answer: CD

Which describes the HPE SimpliVity 380?

  • A. Software-defined and hardware optimized
  • B. Built on the HPE Apollo Gen10 Server
  • C. Designed specifically for companies that need a VDI solution but have space constraints
  • D. Optimized for compute-intensive workloads, rather than storage-intensive workloads

Answer: A


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