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An apex trigger fails because it exceeds governor limits. Which two techniques should a developer use to resolve the problem? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use the database class to handle DML operations
  • B. Use maps to reference related records
  • C. Use SOQL aggregate queries to retrieve child records
  • D. Use lists for all DML operations

Answer: BD


The sales management team requires that the lead source field of the Lead record be populated when Lead is converted. What would a developer use to ensure that a user populates the Lead source field?

  • A. Validation rule
  • B. Formula field
  • C. Workflow rule
  • D. Process builder

Answer: A


A developer creates a custom controller and a custom Visualforce page by using the code block below: public class MyController {
public String myString { get {
if (myString == null) { myString = 'a';
return myString;
} private set; } public string getMyString (){ return 'getMyString';
} public string getStringMethod () { if (myString == null) {
myString = 'b';
} return myString;
} {!StringMethod}, {!myString}, {!myString} What can the user expect to see when accessing the custom page?

  • A. A, a, a
  • B. B, b, b
  • C. A, b, getMyString
  • D. B, a, getMyString

Answer: A


A developer uses a Test Setup method to create an Account named 'Test'. The first test method deletes the Account record. What must be done in the second test method to use the Account?

  • A. Use SELECT Id from Account where Name='Test'
  • B. Restore the Account using an undeleted statement
  • C. The Account cannot be used in the second test method
  • D. Call the Test Setup method at the start of the test

Answer: A


Managed Packages can be created in which type of org?

  • A. Developer Sandbox
  • B. Unlimited Edition
  • C. Developer Edition
  • D. Partial Copy Sandbox

Answer: C


What are two benefits of the Lightning Component framework? (Choose two.)

  • A. It simplifies complexity when building pages, but not applications.
  • B. It provides an event-driven architecture for better decoupling between components.
  • C. It promotes faster development using out-of-box components that are suitable for desktop and mobile devices.
  • D. It allows faster PDF generation with Lightning components.

Answer: BC


What is the result of the debug statements in testMethod3 when you create test data using testSetup in below code?
PDI dumps exhibit

  • A. Account0.Phone=333-8781, Account1.Phone=333-8780
  • B. Account0.Phone=888-1515, Account1.Phone=999-2525
  • C. Account0.Phone=333-8780, Account1.Phone=333-8781
  • D. Account0.Phone=888-1515, Account1.Phone=999-1515

Answer: C


A developer created a helper class with a method that can be called from Visualforce pages, web services, triggers, and of even anonymous code. When the method is called from a trigger, the developer needs to execute logic that should not be executed If the method Is called from anywhere else. How can the developer determine if the code Is executed in a trigger context?

  • A. Check if System.executionContext ==’Trigger’.
  • B. Use the executeOnTrigger annotation on the method definition.
  • C. Check if Trigger.isExecuting ==true
  • D. Check if Trigger.newMap !=null.

Answer: C


What features are available when writing apex test classes?(Choose 2 Answers)

  • A. The ability to select error types to ignore in the developer console.
  • B. The ability to write assertions to test after a @future method.
  • C. The ability to set and modify the CreatedDate field in apex tests.
  • D. The ability to set breakpoints to freeze the execution at a given point.
  • E. The ability to select testing data using csv files stored in the system.

Answer: CE


A visualforce interface is created for Case Management that includes both standard and custom functionality defined in an Apex class called myControllerExtension. The visualforce page should include which attribute(s) to correctly implement controller functionality?

  • A. StandardController = "case" and extensions =" myControllerExtension"
  • B. Extensions=" myControllerExtension"
  • C. Controller=" myControllerExtension"
  • D. Controller = "case" and extensions =" myControllerExtension"

Answer: A


In which order does SalesForce execute events upon saving a record?

  • A. Before Triggers; Validation Rules; After Triggers; Assignment Rules; Workflow Rules; Commit
  • B. Validation Rules; Before Triggers; After Triggers; Workflow Rules; Assignment Rules; Commit
  • C. Before Triggers; Validation Rules; After Triggers; Workflow Rules; Assignment Rules; Commit
  • D. Validation Rules; Before Triggers; After Triggers; Assignment Rules; Workflow Rules; Commit

Answer: A


A developer has JavaScript code that needs to be called by controller functions in multiple Aura components by extending a new abstract component.
Which resource in the abstract Aura component bundle allows the developer to achieve this?

  • A. helper.js
  • B. controllers
  • C. superRender.js
  • D. renderer.js

Answer: A


Which two platform features allow for the use of unsupported languages? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Heroku Acm
  • B. App.json
  • C. Buildpacks
  • D. Docker

Answer: CD


Universal Containers (UC) has an integration with its Accounting system that creates tens of thousands of Orders inside of Salesforce in a nightly batch. UC wants to add automaton that can attempt to match Leads and Contacts to these Orders using the Email Address field on the insert. UC is concerned about the performance of the automation with a large data volume. Which tool should UC use to automate this process?

  • A. Process Builder
  • B. Process Builder with an Autolaunched Flow
  • C. Workflow Rules
  • D. Apex

Answer: D


What are the eight officially supported languages on Heroku platform?

  • A. Node,Ruby,java,PHP,Python,.Net,C++.
  • B. C#,C++,Node,Ruby,Java,PHP,Go,.Net.
  • C. Lisp,PHP,Node,Ruby,Scala,Haskell,Go,Erlang.
  • D. Node,Ruby java,PHP,Python,Go,Scala,Clojure.

Answer: D


A Visualforce page has a standard controller for an object that has a lookup relationship to a parent object. How can a developer display data from the parent record on the page?

  • A. By adding a second standard controller to the page for the parent record.
  • B. By using a roll-up formula field on the child record to include data from the parent record.
  • C. By using SOQL on the Visualforce page to query for data from the parent record.
  • D. By using merge field syntax to retrieve data from the parent record.

Answer: D


The sales team at universal container would like to see a visual indicator appear on both account and opportunity page layout to alert salespeople when an account is late making payments or has entered the collections process. What can a developer implement to achieve this requirement without having to write custom code?

  • A. Workflow rule
  • B. Formula field
  • C. Roll-up summary field
  • D. Quick action

Answer: B


While writing a test class that covers an OpportunityLineItem trigger, a Developer is unable to create a standard PriceBook since one already exists in the org.
How should the Developer overcome this problem?

  • A. Use Test.getStandardPricebookId() to get the standard PriceBook ID.
  • B. Use @IsTest(SeeAllData=true) and delete the existing standard PriceBook.
  • C. Use Test.loadData() and a Static Resource to load a standard Pricebook.
  • D. Use @TestVisible to allow the test method to see the standard PriceBook.

Answer: A


An org has different Apex Classes that provide Account -related functionality.After a new validation rule is added to the object, many of the test methods fail.What can be done to resolve the failures and reduce the
number of code changes needed for future validation rules?Choose 2 answers:

  • A. Create a method that creates valid Account records, and call this method from within test methods.
  • B. Create a method that loads valid Account records from a Static Resource, and call this method withintest methods.
  • C. Create a method that performs a callout for a valid Account record, and call this method from within test methods.
  • D. Create a method that queries for valid Account records, and call this method from within test methods.

Answer: AB


A developer needs to create a custom Visualforce button for the Opportunity object page layout that will cause a web service to be called and redirect the user to a new page when clicked. Which three attributes need to be defined in the tag of the Visualforce page to enable this functionality? Choose three answers.

  • A. StandardController
  • B. Extensions
  • C. Action
  • D. Controller

Answer: ABC


How can a custom type be identified as unique when added to a Set?

  • A. Methods in the class must be static
  • B. The class must implement the Equals and Hashcode methods
  • C. Methods in the class must be global
  • D. The class must have a method with the @InvocableMethod annotation

Answer: B


A developer is notified that a text field is being automatically populated with invalid values.however, this should be prevented by a custom validation rule that is in placewhat could be causing this?

  • A. The field is being populated by a workflow field update
  • B. ADML exception is occuring during the save order of execution
  • C. The field is being populated by a before trigger
  • D. The user belongs to a permission set that suppresses the validation rule

Answer: A


What are two valid options for iterating through each Account in the collection List named AccountList? (Choose two.)

  • A. for (Account theAccount : AccountList) {…}
  • B. for(AccountList) {…}
  • C. for (List L : AccountList) {…}
  • D. for (Integer i=0; i < AccountList.Size(); i++) {…}

Answer: AD


Which two queries can a developer use in a Visualforce controller to protect against SOQL injection vulnerabilities? Choose 2 answers

  • A. String qryName = % + String.enforceSecurityChecks(name)+ % ;String qryString = SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE :qryNAme ; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);
  • B. String qryName = % + name % ;String qryString = SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE :qryNAme ; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);
  • C. String qryName = % + String.escapeSingleQuotes(name)+ % ;String qryString = SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE :qryNAme ; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);
  • D. String qryString = SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE :qryNAme ; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);

Answer: BC


A developer created a Lightning component to display a short text summary for an object and wants to use it with multiple Apex classes.
How should the developer design the Apex classes?

  • A. Have each class define method getObject() that returns the sObject that is controlled by the Apex class.
  • B. Extend each class from the same base class that has a method getTextSummary() that returns the summary.
  • C. Have each class implement an interface that defines method getTextSummary() that returns the summary.
  • D. Have each class define method getTextSummary() that returns the summary.

Answer: C


A developer creates an Apex Trigger with the following code block:List customers = new List();For (Order_c o:{Account a = [SELECT Id, Is_Customer_c FROM Account WHERE Id =:o.Customer_c];a.Is_Customer_c = true;customers.add(a);}Database.update(customers, false);The developer tests the code using Apex Data Loader and successfully loads 10 Orders. Then, the developer loads 150 Orders.How many Orders are successfully loaded when the developer attempts to load the 150 Orders?

  • A. 1
  • B. 150
  • C. 100

Answer: A


A developer wrote a unit test to confirm that a custom exception works properly in a custom controller, but the test failed due to an exception being thrown.
Which step should the developer take to resolve the issue and properly test the exception?

  • A. Use try/catch within the unit test to catch the exception.
  • B. Use the finally bloc within the unit test to populate the exception.
  • C. Use the database methods with all or none set to FALSE.
  • D. Use Test.isRunningTest() within the custom controller.

Answer: A


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