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SK0-004 testing engine(71 to 80) for IT examinee: Jan 2018 Edition

Exam Code: SK0-004 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Server+
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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Q71. Which of the following is the MOST secure to erase data before disposal of server hard drives?

A. Hard wipe

B. Reformat

C. Degaussing

D. Delete partitions

Answer: C

Q72. An administrator hasbeentaskedwithconsolidatingsixindividual serversinto one blade enclosure. Theadministrator completed the task successfully.A week later, all of the bladeswould not boot properly. Which of the followingwould MOST likely be causing this issue?

A. The blade servers are faulty.

B. The network module on the blade enclosure is faulty.

C. The backplane of the enclosure is faulty.

D. The management modules in the enclosure are faulty.

Answer: C

Q73. A server technician is investigating a potential data breach. It is believed that the breach occurred via telnet access. Which of the following could validate this hypothesis?

A. Port scanner

B. Cipher tools

C. Checksum analyzer


Answer: A

Q74. A system technician is tasked withdestroying several hard drivesthat containPII. Which of the following would be the BEST method for disposing of the drives?

A. Shred the hard drives.

B. Complete a hard wipe.

C. Perform a soft wipe.

D. Delete the partition table.

Answer: A

Q75. Which of the following graphically depicts the movement of information within a system?

A. Site survey diagram

B. Dataflow diagram

C. Architectural diagram

D. Network diagram

Answer: B

Q76. After starting an operating system installation from DVD, a system administrator goes to work on another task and comes back to find the server back at the installation start screen. Which of the following should be done to correct this problem?

A. Try installation again with a different DVD.

B. Modify the device boot order in the BIOS.

C. Monitor the operating system installation process completely this time.

D. Swap the hard drive with a known working one.

Answer: B

Q77. A server administrator has been given the following information from the network team in order to configure IP addresses on a new server:

Network Address:

The network team also instructed the server administrator to use the LAST usable address on the given network. Which of the following IP address/subnet mask combinations should the server administrator use?





Answer: C

Q78. An administrator is updating theserver infrastructure atacompany's disaster recovery site. Currently, an enormous amount of effortisrequired by theadministratorto replicate operations. Which of the followingtypes of siteis the administrator currently using?

A. Cold site

B. Hot site

C. Warm site

D. Replication site

Answer: A

Q79. A user changed departments from sales to accounting. The user is unable to access the shared network drive containing the accounting department's files. Which of the following

should a technician check?

A. File permissions

B. Folder redirections

C. Local group policy

D. Encryption type

Answer: A

Q80. An administrator is validating disaster recovery mechanisms and wants to ensure backup data is usable and accurate. Which of the following should the administrator do?

A. Backup verification and test restorability

B. Label media for all backups

C. Secure backup in safe location

D. Keep all backups onsite close to the server

Answer: A

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